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Every body can have different feeling about enigma. Some peoples like it for meanings and other just for the music! We try here to explain some references of Enigma but like Michael Cretu said:"Every one should solve this small ridle for oneself, the project is not, after all called "instruction manuel", but, as always Enigma"



About "Sadeness"..

 At the begining this song was wrotten to commemorated the 250th anniversary of "le Marquis de Sade" (1740-1814). That explains the extra "e" after the "d" in sadeness. He is a french novelist , very contreversial...because he was talking about sexual gratification by cruetly & depravity ( pleasure comes from the dolor). The word "sadism "comes from is name!

some books: "120 days of sodom"; "philosophy in bedroom"

Sadeness is about the duality between sex & Religion. The song "mea culpa" has the same meaning of "sadeness"


About "Callas went away"

This song pays homage to the great soprano Maria Callas. She was a great Opera singers. You can hear her voice in this song.


About "the voice & the snake"

This song talks about the apocalypse! This a summary of a text who is in The Bible . This texte is in "the Apocalypse" from the new testament. The reference is Ap 8 in french (sorry) "Les prières des Saints hatent l'avenement du grand jour" et " les septs trompettes". Just a sumary: there are seven angels and each angel has a trumpet.

After the first angel blew his trumpet the earth turned grey

After the secound angel blew his trumpet the sea turned black

After the third angel blew his trumpet the rivers turned red

After the fourth angel blew his trumpet The sun turned cold

After the fifth angel blew his trumpet the beast turned pale

After the sixth angel blew his trumpet The stars turned fast

After the seven angel blew his trumpet the air turned to poison

It is interisting to read the original text in the Bible.


About " the rivers of belief"

 It is in fact the beginnig of the text of "the voice & th snake"

in the Bible, new testament, Apocalypse 8.1 " le septième sceau" you can find this text:

"And when the lamb broke open the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour"

in the middle of "the rivers of beleif" you can hear:

"And when the lamb opened the seventh seal, silence covered the sky".

You can also link " take me back to the rivers of beleif...I will return" to a part of the text 22 of the Apocalypse.


The cross of changes:

 About " Silent Warriors"

"it is a position against the murderous insanity of colonisation and the combined genocide of the American indian"


 About " Dream of a dolphin"

"man is the dream of the dolphin" because man walks and dolphin would like to walk! it refers to a old saying of Shamens.


 About the booklet:

look at this picture:

Each number is in a symbol (this number are track listing on the back cover of the album) one is in circle so at one stretch, 2 :two edges, 3 :three edges, 4 : four edges, 5 :five edges 6: six points, 7 : seven points, 8 : eight points, 9 : nine points.

each symbol has a link with one image in the booklet: The cover image looks like the one in the circle the second image show duality between mind & body so two the third image has a triangle in the middle and the 3 is in the triangle the fourth image, The fifth image is a pentagram so with 5 sides (air, water ,earth, fire, spirit), The sixth image has six wings and six circles the seventh image ,the eighth image is an octagon

the ninth image is a reprsentation of the solar systems with nine planets.


Le roi est mort... vive le roi !:


This is a french sentence.When the king death his son become the new the king is dead ...long live to the new king. That exactly mean "things are changing but nothing changes".


On the cover of this album you can see "mans machine".The machinery used to make thi artwork is " The Enigma cryptographic Device" . It was used during the second war by German millitary to encode confidential things.


On the back cover look at the bodys: ther are some anatomical drawings.The first: the lungs; the second: the heart & kidney; the third: the brain; the fourth the liver so vital organs.


The screen behind the mirror:

Carmina burana

Carl Orff was born in Munich."carmina Burana", which means " songs of Benediktbeuern", was the title under which J. A. Schmeller published in 1847 a collection of manuscripts in low latin and low german which had been put togetther in the 13th century at the monastery of Benediktbeuern in southern Bavaria.

"O fortuna" used in E 4 is the most famous of Carmina Burana. Carmina burana begins & finishs with "O fortuna" . This is an homage to Fortuna goddess of the destiny.

Unfortunately M Cretu not used other part of "Carmina Burana".




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