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On the "LSD" cover there are many drawings. You can find here the originals of those drawings and them meanings.

By Athanase Kircher, Obeliscus Pamphilius, Rome, 1650

"Macrosome", the Sun.

High: the sun and around pagan Gods : . The sun can take the face of each god.

Down the moon with pagan Godless .

By D.A. Freher, Paradoxa Emblemata, manuscrit, XVIII.

"Opus Magnum", centrum naturae, Lux & darkness.

The man is between god and evil, between love and hate... we can be an angel or demon we have the freedom to choose the side.

By Basile Valentin, Azoth, Paris, 1659

"Opus Magnum", tree of phylosophy

On the left the old man . L'opus has seven phases (each branch of the tree) and will give birth to the young man (at the right). Time go back to the beginning. (regression).

Azoth is the name for mercure. This word start with the first letter and finish with the last letter of the alphabet latin greek and hebrew.

By Ph. O. Runge, two children in roses, parted by the Ophidien ring

"Opus Magnum", comeback

This ring is in fact a snake who bite his tail: infinity, time. Roses meaning is the birth. Two children ,one is a boy and the other is a girl, are looking each other. The meaning of this draw can be at the beginning we are two . Parted we pass much time of our life to find our "half".

By A. Kircher, Arca NoŽ, Amsterdam, 1675

When man wants to save him self he has nothing to do better than take what god give to him. For the constuction of the "Arca noŽ" he took the dimensions and proportions of his body as referring.

By Robert Fludd, Utriusque Cosmi, tome II, Oppenheim, 1619

"Microsome", Brain & memory

4 worlds: On the left sensitivity world: each circle coresponding to one sense (vision, smell, touch...). This world is converted by the brain in a secound: the world of imagination. This world is connected to the judgement and to the spirit and "deus" world. The last world is the world of memory and motion.

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